What Are Some Complaints About Caboki Hair Loss Concealer?

As of 2015, most complaints about Caboki Hair Loss Concealer on Amazon.com regard the product's inability to adhere to the desired location on the user's scalp. Other reviewers complain that the product spreads a dark dust all over their skin, counters and floors.

Some reviews state that the product leaves a dark line demarcating the hairline where hair growth has stopped, necessitating additional cleanup after application. The product also has poor reviews regarding its staying power, with several complaints about the product washing out of the hair in the rain, when they brush their hands through their hair, comb their hair after application, or bump their heads in situations such as getting into or out of a car.

Reviewers who use Caboki on a daily basis report that the process for application is time-consuming, including the time to clean and touch up any areas where the product lands, such as the neck and ears. In addition to the mess of application, there are reports of the product soiling shirt collars and leaving residue in the bathtub after shampooing.

The product has an overall rating of 3.9 out of five stars from Amazon.com reviewers, with 72 percent giving the product four or five stars, 11 percent awarding two or three stars, and 17 percent giving it one star.