What Are Some Complaints About Audicus Hearing Aids?


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Public complaints about Audicus hearing aids often revolve around inconveniences inherent in the product-by-mail model. For adjustments to Audicus hearing aids, the user must mail the product to the retailer, who facilitates the adjustment and return of the product. This process can be time-consuming and inefficient, according to ZipHearing.

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When dealing with hearing aids from online dealers like Audicus, complaints about inconvenience are the most common negative reaction, reports the New York Times. Hearing problems change over time, so personal hearing aids often need multiple personal adjustments, and many hearing-impaired people prefer to have them done in person. In-office adjustments allow the customer to hear changes in real-time and immediately compare the adjusted earpiece with earlier settings, rather than waiting days or weeks to experience needed adjustments.

With Audicus, repairs done by mail may mean that the customer is without a hearing aid for a time. In addition, local retailers such as Costco may have similar products and pricing while also offering in-store servicing, explains the Huffington Post. Audicus offers a 45-day satisfaction guarantee, a shorter trial period than some other retailers, with a full refund for dissatisfied customers, notes the Observer. The mail-in nature of Audicus' business model has caused some hearing aid customers to wish for a longer time period to explore Audicus' model with no risk.

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