What Are the Most Compatible Low Blood Pressure Charts for an Elderly Person?


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As of 2015, Hypertension Blood Pressure Center provides a blood pressure chart online for hypotension, which is defined as blood pressure that is below the normal expected for an adult. The chart applies to adult women and men.

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While 100/60 mmHg is considered low normal for athletes and for children, anything below 80/60 is considered low blood pressure, states Hypertension Blood Pressure Center. When blood pressure is between 80/60 and 60/45, symptoms that can occur include dizziness, nausea, fainting, weakness, fatigue, blurry vision, sleepiness and confusion. When the pressure goes below 50/45, coma and death can occur.

IdealBloodPressureInfo.com provides several charts on blood pressure including a chart on blood pressure ranges, ideal blood pressure and blood pressure ranges by age. The chart for blood pressure by age includes ranges for people age 1 year to 64 years. The site also offers a downloadable blood pressure log for tracking personal blood pressure.

A sudden drop in blood pressure affects most older adults, according to Mayo Clinic. This is referred to as postprandial hypotension. Low blood pressure also can be caused by standing up quickly (orthostatic hypotension), from faulty brain signals after standing for long periods (neurally mediated hypotension) or nervous system damage (Shy-Drager Syndrome). Other risk factors include diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson's disease and some heart conditions. Some types of medications also can contribute to low blood pressure.

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