What Are Some Free Compatibility Tests?


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SimilarMinds.com, Psychology Today, Marriage Helper and Buzzfeed offer free compatibility tests. These diagnostics are all self-tests, meaning they only require information from one partner to determine compatibility.

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SimilarMinds.com offers a behavior analysis test of both partners. Test takers first enter basic information about themselves and their partners, including gender and length of relationship. Next, they respond to a series of statements about each partner’s personality traits, such as shyness, stress levels and more. Users rate the statements on a scale from Very Accurate to Very Inaccurate.

Psychology Today features a scenario-based compatibility test, in which test takers answer questions based on hypothetical situations involving their partners. From new purchases to displays of public affection, the questions shed light on the personal intricacies that define a relationship.

Marriage Helper offers a marriage compatibility test that is also applicable to couples in long-term relationships. Users read a number of statements about their relationships relating to issues such as trust, romance, future plans and emotional intimacy. The test asks takers to rate the accuracy of these statements on a scale of one to nine.

Buzzfeed offers an astrology-based compatibility test for all zodiac signs. Users first determine their signs by reading the chart at the time of the page. Next, they can select from the correct pairing of signs to receive a short analysis of relationship compatibility.

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