How Do You Compare Xarelto Prices?


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Use the GoodRx or WeRx smartphone app to find the lowest prescription drug prices for medications such as Xarelto, suggests Consumer Reports. Both apps find the lowest pharmacy prices for a specific prescription drug in your area, and they offer information about pharmacy rewards programs.

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GoodRx also has a website that allows people to search for the best price on Xarelto and other prescription drugs, explains its official site. The site may list the cash price for Xarelto, the Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage price, the price of the drug through different membership programs or the price of the drug combined with a free coupon provided by the GoodRx website. The GoodRx website also lists any manufacturer discounts that may be available. As of January 2016, the manufacturer of Xarelto offers a savings card to lower the cost of the drug, states the official Xarelto website.

The WeRx app and associated website provide pricing information submitted by individuals, according to its official website. The app also allows users to compare online pharmacy with local pharmacy prices.

When testing the apps, a product reviewer discovered one app sometimes found a cheaper medication than the other app, so consumers should consider using more than one site or app, notes Consumer Reports. The product review also positively rated the LowestMed app for finding low prescription drug prices but noted that the app often suggested pharmacies outside the local area.

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