How Do You Compare Statins?


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Drug manufacturers and the medical community compare statins side by side in drug trials, according to the PubMed Clinical Q&A. Statins and combination drugs can both lower LDL cholesterol, which is the cholesterol that causes problems in the body.

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There are six statin drugs in the United States as well as three additional combination drugs using statins combined with vitamin B-3 or ezetimibe, according to the PubMed Clinical Q&A. Each of these drugs has been compared against one another to find the agent most likely to work for patients. The findings have shown that atorvastatin, simvastatin, ezetimibe-simvastatin, niacin extended-release-lovastatin, rosuvastatin, and lovastatin reduce LDL-c by up to 50 percent when taken in low-dose strengths.

Ezetimibe-simvastatin 10/40mg or higher, atorvastatin when taken in higher doses of 40 to 80 milligrams, and rosuvastatin when taken in a higher dosage of 20 milligrams or more can decrease LDL-c by 50 percent or more, according to PubMed Clinical Q&A. Studies have found that the combination product known as ezetimibe-simvastatin is the most likely to reduce LDL-c by over 50 percent than any of the other statins alone. In general, these drugs also have a positive effect on HDL-c, which is the good cholesterol that is needed throughout the body.

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