How Do You Compare Mooncup Vs. Diva Cup?


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Both the Mooncup and DivaCup are silicon cups that are worn internally during a menstrual cycle to collect menstrual fluid, according to the product websites. Features that can be compared are length of time before removal, cost, availability, ease of insertion, medical clearance and special recognitions.

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The Mooncup can be worn for 8 hours, while the DivaCup can be worn up to 12 hours. Costs for both the Mooncup and DivaCup are similar but can vary depending on the retailer. According to the manufacturer’s website, the Mooncup is currently available to U.S. customers directly through their website. The DivaCup is widely available at major retailers and provides greater ease of access.

Both products have a long list of awards and achievements. The DivaCup received a Silver Medal in the “Consumers Choice for Personal Care and Beauty” category by the Alive Awards in 2011. The Mooncup was the winner of the “Healthy Awards” in 2013, and the winner of the “Responsible Business” award in 2009. The DivaCup is cleared by the U.S. FDA and the Australian TGA and is currently the only reusable menstrual cup allowed to be sold in Canada by Health Canada. Diva International Inc. is the only ISO certified menstrual cup manufacturer in the world.

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