How Do You Compare Local Dental Treatment Costs?

How Do You Compare Local Dental Treatment Costs?

Visit local dental practices in your area to compare dental treatment costs. Additionally, use price range tools, such as Healthcare Blue Book, dental insurance websites and, for an estimate of treatment costs.

Locate local dental practices by searching through a business directory. Read a few reviews on each practice to narrow your search. Choose a couple of highly rated practices to set up an initial consultation. Ask about the price of certain treatments, along with other questions about the dentist's methods and company.

For those covered by insurance, visit the provider's website to obtain a list of local dentists that accept it. Many insurance companies have a section that lists the prices for certain procedures. Enter your ZIP code on Dental Benefit Club to obtain lists of procedures covered by your insurance, its costs and the savings with insurance.

For a specific price of a procedure, enter a ZIP code on Healthcare Blue Book. Next, select the type of procedure. The site then lists one estimated cost and local dental practices that accept insurance.

Healthcare Blue Book only lists prices based on the fair price, which is the recommended price a health company should charge customers for the procedure. Therefore, only use this list as a reference guide when speaking to dentists.

Animated-Teeth lists popular dental emergencies and cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening, fillings, root canals and tooth implants. Select one of these options to go to its individual page. This page breaks down costs. It lists the range of prices and how to determine it. Also use this as a guide when negotiating prices.