How Do You Compare Hearing Aid Prices?


Price comparisons for hearing aids are available online at This website compares the prices and styles of different brands of hearing aids. A free information guide on purchasing the right one is available, as of 2015.

Budget is an important factor in choosing a hearing aid, says, and the goal of the website is to provide users with easy comparison charts for hundreds of hearing aids. Some of the brands included in the price comparison charts are Phonak, Unitron, Rexton and Siemens. Each brand manufactures different models of hearing aids to suit various lifestyles and hearing needs.

In addition to providing price comparisons for hearing aids, offers a live chat feature for users to talk to hearing specialists, a clinic locator and a customer service phone number that connects callers with a hearing consultant. Users can also submit inquiries via email. A consultant responds to emails within 24 hours, says

While hearing aids do not restore normal hearing, they do improve hearing by amplifying soft sounds and reducing background noise, explains Mayo Clinic. Small microphones take sounds from the environment and a computer chip converts the sounds into a digital code. The code is analyzed and adjusted based on the individual's hearing needs. Then, the code is converted back into sounds and delivered to the ear from tiny speakers.