How Do You Compare Different Brands of Vitamins?


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Some ways to compare brands of vitamins include checking the label for certification seals and considering the savings of store brands verses name brands, states the New York Times. Studies have shown that Wal-Mart and Costco brands are usually as reliable as the brand name equivalent products.

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When comparing vitamin brands, ConsumerLab.com has determined that higher priced vitamins are often the same quality as lower priced drug store brands. A customer can learn how a particular vitamin manufacturer performed in lab tests by subscribing to ConsumerLab.com. There are several nonprofit organizations that check supplements for purity and quality, and provide certifications to products that pass inspections. These certifications have been shown to indicate a reliable product, notes The New York Times.

Another important factor in vitamin quality is the retailer that stocks the item. Retailers that specialize in sales of vitamins and supplements are more likely to restock items that are past their shelf life, so it may be worthwhile to buy from specialty stores, reports The New York Times.

Healthy diet and exercise are the best way to maintain good health, stresses The New York Times. Furthermore, taking high doses of vitamin supplements can be harmful. Vitamins can be beneficial in some cases, such as vitamin deficiency and for females during child-bearing years.

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