How Do You Compare the Current Costs of Getting a Face Lift?

The best way to compare the current costs of a face lift procedure is to consult with several plastic surgeons in a local area. Costs vary based on the type of procedure, the surgeon and the competitive rates in the area, explains DocShop.

As of 2015, a face lift costs anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000 depending on the geographic location of the surgeon, the extent of treatment and other additional factors, according to DocShop. In order to determine specific costs, individuals must discuss with a surgeon the types of procedures they wish to have completed. The experience, reputation and location of the surgeon influence the cost.

There are three types of face lift that are generally discussed with a surgeon: a lower face lift, a mid face lift and a brow lift. Some individuals choose to combine elements of all three areas within a single surgery, DocShop explains. The cost of a face lift varies depending on how many areas are addressed. Additional procedures, such as a chemical peel or Botox injections, increase costs as well. Aside from the surgeon's fees, there may be additional costs for anesthesia and the surgical venue.

Plastic surgeons within a geographical area can be found on Prospective patients can search for a surgeon by distance, rating and types of procedures performed, notes Healthgrades.