How Do You Compare the Before and After Effects of a Face Lift?


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Patients can compare the before and after effects of a face lift by taking a photo before the surgery and another photo two to four weeks after the surgery to assess any reductions in wrinkles, aging spots and damaged skin, according to WebMD. The purpose of a face lift is to make the face appear healthier and tighter for a younger appearance.

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A few weeks after a face lift, patients often notice the elimination of wrinkles and sagging muscles around the face, especially around the eyes and mouth, as WebMD reports. Immediately following the surgery, patients experience swelling and bruising, and they must maintain bandages and dressings for at least one to two days. Physicians often recommend patients apply cold compresses to reduce swelling after a face lift. Pain medication may also be necessary until the stitches are removed approximately five to 10 days after the surgery.

Patients stand to improve the results of a face lift considerably if they avoid smoking or exposure to second-hand smoke for at least two to four weeks before and after the procedure, according to WebMD. Tobacco smoke can delay the healing process, worsen scarring and increase the risks of tissue death. Many individuals notice that their faces are stiff or numb following the surgery. This may even last for a few months and be accompanied by rough and dry skin.

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