What Companies Sell Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco?


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Copenhagen smokeless tobacco is sold by a variety of online retailers, including TobaccoOnline.co.uk, Smokes-Spirits.com, SamsClub.com and USA-Cigarettes.com, as of 2015. However, it is illegal to sell tobacco products to minors under the age of 21 in the United States. U.S. law also mandates that tobacco sellers list the health risks associated with the product, including its classification as a carcinogen.

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Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco is available in short cut, long cut or extra long cut; in cans or pouches and in a variety of flavors, including Wintergreen, Original, Black and Southern Blend. Not all of the retailers listed above carry all varieties.

TobaccoOnline.co.uk offers the best variety, but it is not an American company. It ships to the United States, but customers must first prove that they can legally use tobacco in their home country. Its prices are also not listed in American dollars. SamsClub.com pricing is variable, with the exact price determined by the member's home location and membership details. The size of the container also has a dramatic impact on price.

The official website of Copenhagen smokeless tobacco is FreshCope.com. The product's parent company, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, offers coupons and special offers through this website. Only individuals that prove that they are over 21 may access the site, however. Copenhagen smokeless tobacco was the first product of its type on the market, with history dating back to 1822. It continues to dominate its sector.

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