What Companies Offer Vertigo Treatments or Remedies?


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Chicago Dizziness and Hearing in Chicago, Illinois, offers treatment of vertigo, states Chicago Dizziness and Hearing. Prestige Brands produces Dramamine products, which are used to treat vertigo, according to Prestige Brands Holdings and Drugs.com. Dramamine, or meclizine in generic form, is classified as an anticholinergic antiemetic, which stops motion sickness.

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Chicago Dizziness and Hearing accepts patients for evaluation and treatment by email, telephone or online applications at Dizzy-Doctor.com, explains the company's website. Dramamine products that relieve vertigo symptoms include Dramamine Less Drowsy and D-Vert, notes Drugs.com.

Symptoms of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo include dizziness that results when otoconia, or debris from tiny calcium carbonate pieces, develops in the inner ear, according to Chicago Dizziness and Hearing.

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