What Are Some Companies That Make Lactose-Free Products?


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Daiya Foods, Inc. and Lactaid, which are based in the United States, are two of the leading companies that makelactose-free products. Other lactose-free manufacturersare also presented on the website of Go Dairy Free, an organization that provides relevant information regarding dairy-free diet.

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What Are Some Companies That Make Lactose-Free Products?
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Lactose is the milk sugar present in most dairy products. Some people have difficulty orare unable to digest this substance,developing a condition known as lactose intolerance. The need for lactose-free products has increasingly grown in population over the years.

The Lactaid brand isthe brainchild of a dairy owner's son. He sought to developnutritious and delicious dairy products that people with lactose intolerance can enjoy. He later introduced theLactaid brand of dairy products and dietary supplements. Lactaid products are real dairy but contain the enzyme lactase, which is necessary for breaking down lactose into simpler components. Some of the company's trademarkedproducts include Lactaid Tablets, Lactaid 100-percent LactoseFree Milk and Lactaid Fast Act Caplets. Lactaid's product line also includes cheese, chocolate milk, ice cream and eggnog.

Daiya Foods Inc. makes dairy-free products, which are by extension lactose-free, casein-free,whey-free, soy-free and gluten-free. The company mainly offers alternative choices for cheese products, such as cream cheese-style spreads, blocks, slices and shreds. Daiya also makes pizza products, which are available in different flavors, including cheeze lover's, margherita, mushroom and roasted garlic and fire-roasted vegetable.

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