What Are Some Companies That Make Colored Bifocal Contact Lenses?


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No companies currently make colored bifocal contact lenses in the United States as of 2015. Many companies, such as Acuvue, CooperVision and Air Optix make bifocal lenses with a visibility tint. The tint is faint and helps users insert the lenses but do not change the color of the eye.

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Colored contacts are relatively new and are only recently available for correcting astigmatism and far-sightedness. Most bifocal wearers suffer from presbyopia which causes the lens to stiffen and makes it difficult to see clearly up close as well as far away. Bifocal lenses have lenses with two strengths in each lens that corrects this.

Monovision is an alternative to bifocals that may offer a solution for patients who want to wear colored lenses. This technique corrects one eye for near-sightedness and the other for far-sightedness using single-focus lenses with different prescriptions in each eye. Using this technique, a patient may be able to wear colored lenses while correcting the condition requiring bifocals.

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