What Are Common Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms?


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The most important potential Xanax withdrawal symptom is seizures, according to RxList. Other potential symptoms include heightened sensory perception, blurred vision and decreased appetite. In one study, seizures occurred both in patients who abruptly discontinued Xanax and in at least one patient who was tapering to a lower dose.

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A study of 63 patients attempting to stop taking Xanax found reports of problems with the sense of smell and impaired concentration, reports RxList. Further symptoms included muscle cramps, diarrhea, muscle twitching and weight loss.

Part of the difficulty in determining Xanax's withdrawal effects is that symptoms experienced before taking Xanax can return as individuals discontinue the drug, RxList explains. Although anxiety and insomnia both occur in patients discontinuing Xanax, these symptoms might be caused by the return of a previous condition.

Some patients might experience withdrawal symptoms in between Xanax doses; these symptoms are called interdose symptoms, according to RxList. People might experience symptoms of anxiety early in the morning after the drug has worn off overnight. These symptoms might be a sign that the patient has developed a tolerance to Xanax over time, which is common with the drug. A doctor might recommend that a patient take half the prescribed dose twice per day instead of taking the entire dose once during the day.

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