What Are Some Common Types of Skin Lesions?


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There are two major types of skin lesions, namely primary skin lesions that can be hereditary or develop over time, and secondary skin lesions, which occur as a result of skin irritation, states Healthline. Birthmarks, rash, macules and blisters are common types of primary skin lesions. Common secondary lesions include ulcer, scar, scale and crust.

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Blisters, which may occur due to insect bites, viral infections, steam burns and sunburns, are small lesions that contain clear fluids, notes Healthline. Macules are distinct, flat spots on the skin and may be white, red or brown.

Cuts and scratches may bruise the skin, causing scars, according to Healthline. An ulcer may occur as a result of a physical trauma or bacterial infection. Dry blood on an irritated or bruised part on the skin may cause crust. Allergies, a family history of certain skin disorders and certain autoimmune disorders, such as psoriasis, may increase the chances of developing skin lesions.

Diagnosis includes a physical examination, certain lab tests and a biopsy, explains Healthline. Treatment depends upon the cause, the type of the lesion and medical history. Absorbent powders, lotions and oatmeal baths may help relieve certain skin conditions. Prescription oral medications and topical medications help to reduce symptoms, and surgical treatment is sometimes beneficial.

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