What Are the Most Common Types of Cancer?


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As of 2015, the most common form of cancer is breast cancer. Scientists at the American Cancer Society estimate that the annual rate of diagnosis in the United States has reached 231,840 for women and 2,350 for men. The next two most common forms of cancer are prostate cancer and lung cancer, with estimated annual rates of diagnosis of 221,200 and 220,800, respectively, in the United States, according to the National Cancer Institute.

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Colon and rectal cancer, which scientists of the American Cancer Society count together, and bladder cancer represent the fourth and fifth most common forms of cancer. The annual rates of diagnosis in the United States are 132,00 and 74,000, respectively, shares the National Cancer Institute.

With regard to the forms of cancer that cause the most deaths in the United States, lung cancer is the most deadly form, resulting in an estimated 158,040 deaths each year. Colon and rectal cancer, the cause of an estimated 49,700 U.S. deaths annually, represent the second most deadly form in studies where scientists count them as one. Breast cancer is the third most deadly form, with an estimated annual rate of 40,290 for women and 440 for men. The fourth and fifth most deadly forms of cancer in the United States are pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer, which claim the lives of an estimated 40,560 and 27,540 patients annually, states the National Cancer Institute.

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