What Are Common Triggers for Seizures?


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Multiple factors can trigger a seizure, including sleep deprivation, fever, substance use, stress and flashing lights, according to The Epilepsy Foundation. Some patients find that a specific time of day can spark a seizure. Hormonal changes, low blood sugar, certain medications and an excessive intake of caffeine can lead to seizures as well.

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What Are Common Triggers for Seizures?
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Most patients report that seizures are prone to occur in patterns or after specific situations, reports The Epilepsy Foundation. When a seizure occurs as a response to certain stimuli, this can be a sign of reflex epilepsy. One form of this condition is called photosensitive epilepsy, which is triggered by bright flashing lights. Certain noises can trigger a reflex seizure as well.

For patients with epilepsy, forgetting to take medication doses can result in a seizure, according to WebMD. Drinking a lot of alcohol or using drugs such as ecstasy or cocaine are other common factors that trigger a seizure. Doctors report that for around one out of two women who suffer from epilepsy, seizures usually occur more frequently when they have their menstrual periods.

A partial onset seizure affects a portion of the brain, and it can sometimes result in a loss of consciousness, says Healthline. Aside from the usual lifestyle triggers, conditions such as a brain infection, severe head trauma or a vascular disease can precipitate a partial onset seizure.

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