What Are Some Common Treatments for a Torn Ankle Tendon?


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Some common treatments for torn ankle tendons include medications, physical therapy and surgery, according to HowStuffWorks. A doctor may also put the ankle in a cast to immobilize it and allow the tendon to heal.

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In many cases, tendon injuries are minor, and an overstretched tendon begins to heal within a day or two with elevation, ice and rest, explains HowStuffWorks. These injuries are treated in the same way as sprains. After the first 24 hours of ice, a patient is often told to alternate the ice with heat in order to reduce inflammation. Doctors suggest shoe inserts and shoes with heels, as they lessen the pull on the tendon. Patients may also take anti-inflammatory drugs for pain.

A full tendon tear may be serious and require medical attention, claims HowStuffWorks. Physical therapy and surgery are treatment options, and medication is often prescribed to reduce swelling. Depending on the treatment method, a full tendon tear may take several months to fully heal, and the person may not be able to get around without crutches or a wheelchair. The best treatment for a tendon injury is prevention, so people prone to these injuries can prevent them by stretching their feet before physical activity.

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