What Are Some Common Treatments for Testicular Hernias?


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The only recommended treatment for a testicular hernia is surgery, according to Drugs.com. In some cases, patients may wear a truss to put pressure on the hernia and relieve pain while waiting for surgery.

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Also known as an indirect inguinal hernia, a testicular hernia is when a portion of the intestines protrudes through the abdominal wall into the groin area or down into the scrotum, according to Shouldice Hospital. Most inguinal hernias are uncomfortable, visible and cause pain. Without treatment, it can get worse over time and even cause strangulation, according to WebMD, which is when the blood supply is cut off to that protruding portion of intestine. The treatment for this condition is surgery, but there are two types of surgeries used for repairing the hernia.

During open surgery, the surgeon makes an incision in the groin and pushes the intestine back through the opening in the abdominal wall. The opening is stitched closed, and the skin is stitched closed to finish. Sometimes, a section of synthetic mesh is used to reinforce the weak section of abdominal wall to keep the hernia from happening again.

Laparoscopic surgeons make small incisions in the abdomen to fill it with a benign gas and insert surgical instruments. The intestine is pushed back through the abdominal wall and the opening repaired with surgical staples. This procedure is less invasive but does have a lower long-term success rate.

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