What Are Common Treatments for Soft Tissue Sarcoma?


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The most common treatment for soft-tissue sarcoma is surgery, states the American Cancer Society. Radiation and drug therapy are often recommended as treatment following the removal of the tumor.

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Soft-tissue sarcoma comes in stages one through four, explains the American Cancer Society. Surgery for stage one removes the tumor and some normal tissue surrounding it, and the patient may be treated with radiation therapy after surgery. Stage two and three soft-tissue sarcomas require surgery with radiation and chemotherapy even before surgery, in some cases. The aim of this treatment is to shrink the tumors, making surgery less difficult and lowering the risk of the tumors returning. When chemotherapy is used, it is often combined with a drug such as doxorubicin. Stage four soft-tissue sarcomas are rarely curable.

Plenty of healthy tissue surrounding the tumor should be removed during surgery to avoid recurrence, notes Drugs.com. A wide incision made by the surgeon helps to ensure that the soft tissue sarcoma does not return. High-grade tissue sarcomas have more abnormal cells and more tissue destruction, requiring a more aggressive surgery. Low-grade tissue sarcomas have fewer abnormal cells and less tissue destruction, and therefore, are less likely to spread. How severe and where on the body the soft-tissue sarcoma is indicates the severity of surgery and what treatments are given in conjunction with surgery.

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