What Are Common Treatments for Severe Bad Breath?


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Dentists may recommend mouth rinses or toothpastes with antibacterial agents to kill the bacteria that causes bad breath, says Mayo Clinic. If the bad breath is caused by gum disease, dentists may perform professional cleaning. Otherwise, severe bad breath can be indicative of a serious condition that requires further investigation.

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What Are Common Treatments for Severe Bad Breath?
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Individuals may also practise various lifestyle changes to prevent or reduce bad breath, advises Mayo Clinic. Such measures include regular brushing of teeth and tongue, regular flossing, and thorough cleaning of dentures and dental appliances. Additionally, individuals should change their toothbrush every few months and participate in dental checkups once or twice a year.

From a dietary perspective, patients should have regular meals consisting of healthy foods, suggests WebMD. They should also keep themselves hydrated by drinking lots of water, herbal tea or green tea while limiting their intake of coffee and alcohol, and they should avoid tobacco products altogether.

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