What Are the Most Common Treatments for Neuropathy?


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Some of the most common treatments for peripheral neuropathy include taking an array of medications, receiving physical therapy and, in some cases, undergoing surgery, states Mayo Clinic. The cause of the neuropathy is very important in determining the appropriate course of treatment.

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What Are the Most Common Treatments for Neuropathy?
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There are many different causes of neuropathy, such as alcoholism, toxin exposure and chemotherapy, notes Mayo Clinic. Vitamin deficiencies, diabetes and medications can all cause neuropathy. For mild symptoms, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication is often all that is needed, while someone with severe pain may require a narcotic pain reliever. Anti-seizure medication that is used to treat epileptic patients can help relieve nerve pain for some people. Antidepressants are also used to treat neuropathy, as they interfere with the chemicals that cause pain.

Other types of treatment for neuropathy include using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, which is referred to as a TENS unit, according to Mayo Clinic. A gentle electric current is delivered to the afflicted area, relieving some symptoms of neuropathy. Some people require plasma exchange or intravenous immune globulin to suppress immune activity. Normally, physical therapy is used as muscles become weak from neuropathy. Surgery is generally only used to treat neuropathy when a tumor or mass is pressing on the nerves and creating the condition.

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