What Are Common Treatments for Morgellons Disease?


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There are no medically endorsed treatment options for Morgellons disease, as stated by WebMD. Many researchers theorize that mental illnesses cause or strongly contribute to Morgellons disease; any mental health conditions should be treated with the appropriate therapy and medications to aid in the management of Morgellons disease.

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Researchers disagree as to whether Morgellons disease is a psychological illness or a physiological disease, as reported by the Mayo Clinic. This makes managing the condition and its symptoms a difficult process. Many believe that its symptoms can be attributed to another physiological or mental condition. It is recommended that doctors and patients explore treatments for any underlying physiological or mental problems that patients may be suffering from.

The Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation recommends that patients avoid "miracle treatments" and quick fixes. Instead they should consult with a physician willing to help uncover the disease's underlying cause.

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