What Are Some Common Treatments for Laryngitis?


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Treatment is not always necessary for laryngitis as it can heal on its own, but when a bacterial infection is causing the condition, physicians typically prescribe antibiotics, explains Mayo Clinic. Corticosteroids may also be administered to help reduce vocal cord inflammation.

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What Are Some Common Treatments for Laryngitis?
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Home treatments and self-care include strategies to reduce the strain on the voice such as drinking fluids to prevent dehydration and resting the voice, according to Mayo Clinic. Patients should avoid singing or talking loudly for long periods of time and avoid whispering as this puts more strain on the vocal cords. People with laryngitis should breathe moist air to reduce inflammation. A humidifier in the home or office helps keep the air moist. Patients can also inhale steam from a hot shower or bowl of hot water.

Laryngitis can also be treated by moistening the throat, suggests Mayo Clinic. Patients should gargle with salt water, chew gum or suck on lozenges to help treat the condition. Medications such as decongestants should be avoided as these tend to dry out the throat.

Laryngitis treatments may also focus on the underlying cause, such as smoking, excessive use of alcohol or heartburn, according to Mayo Clinic. Physicians often recommend antacids for heartburn and recommend patients quit smoking and eliminate alcohol from the daily routine.

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