What Are Some Common Treatments for Frequent Urination in Men?


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Common treatments for frequent urination in men depend on the cause but may include bladder retraining, diet modification and monitoring fluid intake, according to WebMD. Kegel exercises may also help men control frequent urination, as they strengthen the muscles around the bladder.

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Bladder retraining is one method of treating frequent urination, and this involves increasing the intervals between bathroom trips over about 12 weeks, explains WebMD. This helps retrain the bladder to urinate less frequently and hold urine longer. Modifying the diet may also help treat frequent urination, and it is important to avoid any food that acts as a diuretic or irritates the bladder. These foods include alcohol, caffeine, drinks with carbonation, chocolate and products with tomato. Spicy food and food with artificial sweeteners may also cause frequent urination.

Men with frequent urination must also monitor fluid intake, states WebMD. Though it is important to drink enough to prevent the urine from overconcentrating and prevent constipation, it is also important to avoid drinking before bedtime or times when a restroom is not available. Kegel exercises may also help treat frequent urination in men, as strengthening the pelvic muscles helps with bladder control. It only takes about five minutes, three times a day to see a difference in urination frequency.

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