What Are Common Treatments for Fatty Liver Disease?


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Common treatments for fatty liver disease include managing and controlling weight, alcoholism, blood sugar and cholesterol, notes Healthline. In case the problem is as a result of obesity, high cholesterol or diabetes, treatment is focused on these causes.

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What Are Common Treatments for Fatty Liver Disease?
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Excessive consumption of alcohol, insulin resistance, pregnancy, certain drugs and toxins may cause fatty liver disease, states Healthline. Malnutrition and consistent use of over-the-counter medications, including acetaminophen, are also risk factors for fatty liver. A biopsy is normally done to examine the extend of the disease and decide the type of treatment.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet can aid in alleviating symptoms of fatty liver, according to eMedicineHealth. A patient suffering from celiac sprue should avoid gluten completely, because they elevate fats levels in the liver. Medications that lower the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol may help in reversing the problem.

A patient with fatty liver should engage in the correct physical activities in order to curb further complications or treat the problem. Cardiovascular exercises done to manage weight, increases both metabolism and muscle mass, making the body cells more sensitive to insulin.

Bariatric surgery, which helps in reducing weight, may be done to patients who are severely obese in order to relieve symptoms of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and inflammation, according to eMedicineHealth. After liver treatment, consistent visits to the doctor may aid in evaluating liver function and reducing further complications.

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