What Are Some Common Treatments for Cyanosis?

Common treatments for cyanosis include medication such as antibiotics and diuretics, warming the body and avoiding cold temperatures, oxygenation, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, states Right Diagnosis. Other common treatments include immunization, injection, intravenous fluids and glucose administration, reports News Medical.

Cyanosis is a symptom of an underlying disease, and treatment options center on the underlying cause. Oxygenation relieves shortness of breath. Children born with heart defects undergo open heart surgery to correct the defects. Patients with heart failure or cyanotic heart disease use prescription drugs to treat abnormal heart rhythm and heart beat. Diuretics reduce accumulation of excess fluids in heart failure patients. Antibiotics prevent infections and treat pneumonia, notes News Medical. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy treat lung cancer that causes cyanosis, according to Right Diagnosis.

Regular immunizations in children with congenital heart disorder prevent subsequent infections. Intravenous fluids help children with feeding difficulty due to an underlying cyanotic heart disease. Children born with transposition of the great arteries are injected with prostaglandin soon after birth. Glucose administration and infusions treat low blood sugar, says News Medical.