What Are Some Common Treatments for a Clicking Jaw?


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Common treatments for a clicking jaw include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce swelling and pain, muscle relaxers to relax the jaw and anti-anxiety medication to relieve stress causing the jaw to click, explains WebMD. Patients can also wear a night guard or splint on the teeth while sleeping.

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What Are Some Common Treatments for a Clicking Jaw?
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Some patients may require dental work such as bridges, braces or crowns to treat a clicking jaw, also known as a temporomandibular joint disorder, according to WebMD. Home treatments to relieve pain from a clicking jaw include relaxation techniques or physical therapy to help loosen the jaw. Massages and stress reduction therapies such as biofeedback may also help alleviate pain from a clicking jaw.

Individuals with a clicking jaw can apply cold packs to the temple and face for 10 minutes and alternate with a warm washcloth for five minutes, suggests WebMD. Simple jaw stretches in between a cold and hot pack help to loosen the joints. Patients with clicking jaws should practice good posture to alleviate facial and neck pain and avoid extreme jaw movements such as excessive chewing or yawning. Keeping the teeth slightly apart or placing the tongue between the teeth helps to relieve pressure on the jaw and reduces the urge to grind or clench the teeth.

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