What Are Some Common Treatments for Bronchial Asthma?


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As with other forms of asthma, bronchial asthma can be treated with a doctor-prescribed regimen of inhalers and other medications, as detailed by WebMD. Lifestyle changes can also contribute to alleviating the symptoms of bronchial asthma. Since there is no known cure for asthma, a doctor's primary goal will be to treat the symptoms and alleviate the risks of asthma attacks.

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There are symptoms that can help to determine if a patient has bronchial asthma, notes WebMD. These symptoms include shortness of breath, tightening in the chest, wheezing and excessive coughing. A doctor can perform certain tests to diagnose bronchial asthma, including a spirometry, peak expiratory flow or a chest X-ray.

Some lifestyle changes that can help treat the symptoms of bronchial asthma. However, a doctor's primary recommendation will be to safely use a combination of inhalers and medications, according to WebMD. Since asthma can often cause inflammation, fast-acting anti-inflammatory inhalers can help to prevent breathing issues associated with bronchial asthma. If inhalers are used properly as per the guidelines set forth by adoctor, there are minimal risks and side effects involved. In the event of an asthma attack, a rescue bronchodilator inhaler may be ideal for quickly opening the patient's airways.

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