What Are Common Treatments for a Bloody Stool?


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Common treatments for a bloody stool include medications and anti-inflammatory drugs to suppress acid in the stomach and electric current or laser treatment to close bleeding vessels, according to WebMD. If the cause of bleeding in the stool is colon damage, surgery may be necessary.

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What Are Common Treatments for a Bloody Stool?
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Some patients may be able to treat blood in the stool with home remedies, such as sitting in warm or hot baths to relieve fissures and consuming a high-fiber diet to relieve constipation often caused by anal fissures and hemorrhoids that can cause blood in the stools, according to WebMD. Treatment for bloody stools depends on the cause and diagnosis because treatment may be focused on the cause to prevent the bleeding. In some cases, a physician performs an endoscopy to inject chemicals into the site of the bleeding. In advanced cases, a physician may perform an angiography to inject medication into the blood vessels to control bloody stools. A surgeon may insert a band or clip to close off bleeding vessels when blood is found in the stool.

Patients with colitis may need anti-inflammatory drugs to treat bloody stools, according to WebMD. If polyps are present in the colon or the colon has been damaged by inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis or cancer, surgery to remove parts of the polyps or parts of the colon may be necessary.

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