What Are Some Common Treatments for Angioedema of the Lips?


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Common treatments for angiodema, or swelling, of the lips include applying cold compresses to the lips and taking antihistamines, notes MedlinePlus. Corticosteroids and epinephrine injections are other possible treatments. Mild angiodema of the lips often requires no treatment.

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If the individual experiences breathing difficulty, he requires emergency medical treatment to prevent life-threatening blockage of the airways, warns MedlinePlus. Angiodema of the lips usually resolves within a few days.

Because an allergen usually triggers angiodema of the lips, individuals need to avoid known triggers, states MedlinePlus. Animal dander, pollen, water, exposure to extreme hot or cold, and insect bites may cause angiodema of the lips or other body parts. Ingestion of certain foods or medicines may cause angiodema as well.

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