What Are the Most Common Treatment Therapies for Munchausen Syndrome?


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Common treatments for Munchausen syndrome include psychotherapy and medication, according to the Mayo Clinic. No standard procedure exists, and with most patients unwilling or hesitant to seek help, treatment is often difficult to administer.

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Munchausen syndrome is a mental illness that causes patients to feign, worsen or self-inflict injury or illness, while seeking medical treatment to draw attention to themselves, explain emedicinehealth experts. A related condition, 'Munchausen syndrome by proxy,' involves persons victimized by caregivers, who either convince the victim they are ill or make the victim ill to receive treatment, according to Wikipedia.

Patients suffering from the condition rarely seek treatment, and convincing a person who suffers from Munchausen syndrome to seek help is difficult; direct confrontations often make affected persons angry and defensive, resulting in him or her to abruptly ending treatment with the provider to seek help elsewhere. The best way to counsel individuals suffering from Munchausen syndrome is to approach them in a caring, gentle and respectful manner to avoid potential embarrassment, hostility or defensiveness, explains Mayo Clinic.

Medications used to treat other mental disorders -such as depression or anxiety- may be prescribed to such patients. In serious cases, temporary psychiatric hospitalization may be necessary, according to Mayo Clinic.

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