What Are Common Symptoms of the Shingles?


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The most common symptoms of shingles are pain, tingling sensations, burning sensations, numbing sensations, red rashes, itching, blisters filled with fluid or crusted and a sensitivity to contact, according to MayoClinic. The less common symptoms of shingles are headaches, fatigue, fevers and a sensitivity to the sun or artificial light.

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What Are Common Symptoms of the Shingles?
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Most people will only experience symptoms on one side of the body or in one area of the body, notes Mayo Clinic. Doctors usually see patients when they first experience pain due to the rash or blisters from shingles. People who believe that they may have shingles should see a doctor immediately for treatment. In fact, if the pain is near the eye, then the person may experience eye damage that cannot be treated, reports MayoClinic.

The best way to prevent shingles is to get the vaccination that works to lessen the pain of shingles or may even be able to prevent it entirely, reports WebMD. It is called Zostavax and is available at doctors' offices. People who have shingles need to stay away from those who have not had it because the rash and blisters can easily spread from person to person. Shingles is an infection that deals with the nerves, and it can occur in many places on the body from the neck to the thigh to the stomach or the face, notes the New York Times.

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