What Are the Most Common Symptoms of Parkinson's in Women?


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Tremors are the most common symptom of Parkinson's disease in women, according to WebMD. Other symptoms of Parkinson's disease include stiff, aching muscles, slow movement, weakness in the throat or face, and difficulty walking.

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What Are the Most Common Symptoms of Parkinson's in Women?
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Tremors are often noticeable as they appear in the hands, arms or legs, and they are the first sign of Parkinson's disease, explains WebMD. At first, the tremor may only appear on one side of the body in one leg or arm, for instance, and it also may affect the lips, chin or tongue. As the disease begins to progress, it usually spreads to both sides of the body. Physical or emotional stress may make the tremor more noticeable, but sleep, relaxation or action may help to reduce it.

Stiff muscles are often an early sign of Parkinson's disease that commonly affects the arms but can also affect other areas of the body, claims WebMD. Movement that is slow and limited also may occur, especially when a woman tries to stand from a sitting or lying position. Those with Parkinson's disease may find it difficult to talk, and they may even begin to drool or choke. Balance is also affected by Parkinson's disease in later stages, and those who suffer from the condition often fall, walk slowly and walk with a bend in the waist.

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