What Are Some Common Symptoms of Pancreatic Cysts?


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Symptoms of pancreatic cysts include nausea and vomiting, a mass in the upper abdomen, and persistent abdominal pain that may travel to the back. Because many people with pancreatic cysts never experience symptoms, these cysts are often found during other tests performed on the abdomen, according to Mayo Clinic.

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Pancreatic cysts are fluid-filled pockets located on the pancreas. Although pancreatic cysts rarely cause problems, when one becomes infected and ruptures, it becomes a medical emergency. Not only can it cause the infection to spread, it also has the potential of causing major internal bleeding. Patients who faint or have decreased consciousness combined with severe abdominal pain and a weak or rapid heartbeat should call 911, states Mayo Clinic.

Pancreatitis is a major cause of pancreatic cysts. Pancreatitis is caused by heavy alcohol consumption and gallstones. These cysts can also be caused by an abdominal injury.

Patients who show the symptoms of pancreatic cysts should see their doctor. To determine if cysts are present, the doctor will ask questions regarding a patient's symptoms, the amount of alcohol consumed each day and whether or not the patent has gallstones. Treatment of pancreatic cysts may involve surgery and the doctor will test the removed cysts for cancer.

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