What Are the Common Symptoms of an Inflamed Colon?

common-symptoms-inflamed-colon Credit: Rafe Swan/Cultura/Getty Images

Common symptoms of an inflamed colon include diarrhea, low energy, fever, and abdominal cramping and pain, according to Mayo Clinic. Some people with inflammatory bowel disease may experience a loss of appetite, unplanned weight loss and bloody stools.

Symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease vary depending on where the inflammation is located and how severe it is, notes Mayo Clinic. Most people with an inflamed colon go through periods of experiencing symptoms between remission periods. Symptoms range from mild to severe depending on the type and location of colon inflammation.

The mildest type of colon inflammation is ulcerative proctitis, and bleeding from the rectum may be the only symptom, states Mayo Clinic. Proctosigmoiditis is when the lower end of the colon becomes inflamed, and symptoms include abdominal pain and cramping and bloody diarrhea. Proctosigmoiditis may cause a person to be constipated in spite of feeling the need for a bowel movement.

Left-sided colitis is when inflammation extends from the rectum up through the sigmoid and descending colon, states Mayo Clinic. Symptoms include pain and cramping in the left side, unplanned weight loss, and bloody diarrhea. Pancolitis is when the entire colon is inflamed, and symptoms include significant weight loss, pain, cramping and diarrhea. Acute severe ulcerative colitis also affects the entire colon, and symptoms include the inability to eat, bleeding, fever and severe pain. Acute severe ulcerative colitis may also cause profuse diarrhea.