What Are the Common Symptoms of Heart Murmurs in Women?


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In most cases, there are no symptoms associated with heart murmurs in women, as most heart murmurs aren't dangerous and seldom require treatment, states Mayo Clinic. Aside from the unusual sound the doctor hears during examination, a more serious heart murmur may cause dizziness, fatigue or chest pain.

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Heart murmurs are sounds made by turbulent blood at or around the heart when it beats, according to Mayo Clinic. Doctors classify a large majority of heart murmurs as "innocent" in that they are not dangerous and require no treatment. These can either happen as a person ages or result from a person's family history.

Rarely, heart murmurs can happen because of an underlying condition, such as an overactive thyroid, high blood pressure or anemia, states WebMD. A heart murmur may also signal problems with a heart valve, such as a mitral valve prolapse or aortic sclerosis and stenosis. These are the types of heart murmurs that are more likely to cause symptoms, states Mayo Clinic. Additional symptoms may include skin that takes a blue tint, especially around the fingertips; swelling or sudden weight gain; heavy sweating with no exertion; or a chronic cough. In these cases, if a person suspects her heart murmur is causing symptoms, it's best to make an appointment to see the doctor.

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