What Are Some Common Symptoms of Conception?

Symptoms of conception include spotting as a result of implantation bleeding; cramps; white, milky vaginal discharge; and swollen, tender breasts. Fatigue as a result of increased levels of progesterone, low blood sugar levels and low blood pressure are other symptoms of conception. Other early signs that a woman is pregnant include morning sickness and a missed menstruation period, according to WebMD.

Noticeable spotting occurs in about 20 percent of newly pregnant women, says Everyday Health. Conception causes areolas to darken and enlarge soon after fertilization, and women have a heightened sense of smell that may make favorite aromas unappealing. Progesterone slows down digestion, causing intestines to retain gas, leading to bloating. Often, the early signs of conception mimic those of premenstrual syndrome.

The hormonal changes that occur with conception may also cause food cravings, states Mayo Clinic. After conception, the body is flooded with hormones, which causes mood swings. Dizziness, another sign of conception, is due to a drop in blood pressure because of dilated blood vessels. Additionally, basal body temperature rises consistently for over two weeks.

Other reasons for a missed menstruation period apart from conception include extreme weight gain or weight loss, hormonal problems, fatigue and stress. A woman can also miss a period when she stops taking birth control pills. However, a woman who hasn't had her period for a long time should consider taking a pregnancy test, advises WebMD.