What Are the Most Common Symptoms of Candida?


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Symptoms of Candida in the mouth include white spots on the gums or tongue, redness inside the mouth, trouble swallowing and sore throat, explains WebMD. When Candida infects the vagina, it produces symptoms including itching, redness, soreness and a white, clumpy discharge.

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Candida can also infect the penis, in which case it causes itching, burning and a red rash in a man's genital area, notes WebMD. Candida overgrowth also sometimes causes diaper rash in babies, causing dark red patches and yellow, fluid-filled spots to appear on the skin. The fluid-filled spots become flaky in appearance if they burst open.

Treatment for Candida infections usually involves antifungal medications, explains WebMD. Doctors may prescribe patients an antifungal mouthwash or dissolvable antifungal tablets to take orally if the infection is in the mouth. Antifungal creams and suppositories target Candida growth in the genital region, and doctors prescribe antifungal ointments and powders for diaper rash due to Candida.

An especially serious form of Candida infection occurs when the yeast invades the bloodstream and spreads to other areas of the body, states WebMD. Symptoms vary depending on where in the body the yeast travels, but commonly include fever and chills. This type of infection is very serious and requires several weeks of treatment with intravenous or oral antifungal medication.

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