What Are Some Common Symptoms of Brain Tumors?


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Common symptoms of brain tumors include headaches, blurred or double vision, coughing and confusion, states Healthline. Other symptoms include difficulty with balance, gradual loss of sensation and hearing problems, according to Mayo Clinic.

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A brain tumor is a malignant or benign abnormal collection of cells in the brain that causes increased pressure in the skull as it grows, leading to brain damage or death, notes Healthline. Symptoms depend on the location, size and type of the tumor and may occur when a tumor harms a part of the brain, blocks the fluid in the brain or causes swelling of the brain due to a buildup of fluid, reports MedicineNet. Other health conditions other than a brain tumor may cause the symptoms.

Brain tumors occur when cells mutate in their DNA and grow and divide rapidly while the healthy cells die, explains Mayo Clinic. This condition is most common in older people, individuals with a family of brain tumors and in people exposed to ionizing radiation.

Patients should report any symptoms to their doctors to receive proper treatments, stresses MedicineNet. During treatment, doctors ask patients about personal and family health histories and carry our physical exams. They may also perform neurologic exams, CT scans and spinal taps, which involves removing samples of cerebrospinal fluid.

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