What Are Some Common Symptoms of Autism?


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Common symptoms of autism include significant problems with social interactions and relationships; difficulty in verbal and nonverbal communication, and limited interest in activities and play, according to WebMD. People with autism exhibit obsessive and repetitive behavior and hypersensitivity to senses and emotions, reports Healthline.

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What Are Some Common Symptoms of Autism?
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Individuals with autism have limited socialization and encounter difficulty forming relationships or bonds with others, explains MedicineNet. They fail to form social contacts in almost all settings. The ways in which they express their bonding and affection to other people is different due to the problems they face in interpreting social cues, says Healthline.

Communication in individuals with autism has severe impairment as manifested by delayed or nonexistent receptive and expressive language, notes MedicineNet. Approximately 40 percent of individuals with autism never learn to speak, claims WebMD. Such individuals have problems taking the initial steps toward conversing with others and have trouble continuing a conversation. They have difficulty understanding different perspectives, such as humor.

Individuals with autism are prone to repetitive behavior, such as flapping hands, rocking their bodies, and turning in circles in recurring motions, expresses Healthline. Repetitive behavior results from intense preoccupation that can manifest in form of staring at regular physical objects for long hours. People with autism exhibit repetitive use of language as they tend to repeat over and over phrases they had previously heard, advises WebMD.

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