What Are Some Common Sleeping Diseases?


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There are many diseases, disorders and conditions that can lead to sleep disturbance, such as sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, fibromyalgia and teeth grinding, according to Healthline. Additionally, allergies, colds, snoring, frequent urination and nightmares can also cause sleep disturbances.

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A person who is experiencing sleeping disturbances that do not improve after a few days may wish to consult a physician to determine the underlying cause, as Healthline advises. Some tests that may be performed include a sleep study known as a polysomnography as well as an electroencephalogram and genetic blood testing. In rare cases, a person may have narcolepsy, which results in the person falling asleep at unpredictable times. Treatment for sleep disturbances varies widely and depends on the underlying cause of the disturbance.

Some common treatments for sleep disturbances include the use of sleeping pills, treatment of the underlying health issues, breathing devices for conditions such as sleep apnea and weight loss, according to Healthline. Other possible treatments include decreasing stress and anxiety along with decreasing water, tobacco and alcohol consumption. Additionally, psychotherapy, a regular sleep schedule and melatonin supplements are also used to treat sleep disorders and disturbances. The majority of people experience sleep disturbances at some point during their lives.

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