What Are Common Skin Rashes?


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Examples of common skin rashes include atopic dermatitis, pityriasis rosea and contact dermatitis, explains Mayo Clinic. Skin rashes exhibit a variety of appearances and symptoms, and they can be the result of many different factors, such as allergens, heat, certain medications, immune system conditions or infections.

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What Are Common Skin Rashes?
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Another name for the common skin rash atopic dermatitis is eczema, notes Mayo Clinic. The rash results from a chronic condition that tends to produce flare-ups, followed by periods of no or lessened symptoms. During a flare-up, the skin becomes itchy and inflamed, and rash patches on the skin of the face, limbs, neck and torso are common.

Pityriasis rosea is commonly referred to as the Christmas tree rash because it sometimes creates a pattern similar to a Christmas tree outline, states Mayo Clinic. It presents as an itchy and scaly rash that typically clears up on its own within six to eight weeks.

Contact dermatitis forms as a result of contact with an allergen or skin irritant, such as poison ivy, cleaning products or latex rubber, explains Mayo Clinic. When contact dermatitis occurs due to an allergen, it results in a bumpy, itchy red rash that may blister. Meanwhile, contact dermatitis as a result of a skin irritant produces dry, scaly skin that usually does not itch.

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