What Are Some Common Skin Rashes in Children?


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Common skin rashes in children include fifth disease, heat rash, contact dermatitis and coxsackievirus, according to WebMD. Rashes appear in many different forms such as bumps, patches, blotches, pimples and flat spots, states AskDrSears.

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What Are Some Common Skin Rashes in Children?
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Fifth disease usually begins like the flu, but a bright red rash forms on the face and body, states WebMD. The facial rash sometimes resembles a red mark left by a slap. Heat rash, or prickly heat, comes from blocked sweat ducts. A rash of small red or pink pimples typically appears on the head, neck or shoulders of young children.

Children develop contact dermatitis in reaction to something their skin has touched, such as certain soaps or poison ivy, sumac or oak, WebMD explains. The area is often red with small bumps, but in more serious cases, swelling and blisters appear. Coxsackievirus, also known as hand, foot and mouth disease, shows up as a nonitchy rash of blisters on the hands, feet, buttocks or legs.

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