What Are Some Common Skin Problems in Diabetics?


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Examples of skin problems that commonly affect diabetics include bacterial and fungal infections, blisters, digital sclerosis, and vitiligo, a condition in which melanin-producing cells are destroyed, resulting in splotchy patches of skin. Skin problems affect approximately one-third of diabetics, according to Everyday Health.

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Diabetics are especially prone to bacterial infections, such as eyelid styes, boils, nail infections and carbuncles, which are deep infections of the skin and the tissue underneath. The disease also frequently causes a nerve disorder called neuropathy, which causes a loss of sensation in the feet. Because a diabetic could cut or blister their feet and not feel it, ulcers can form and become infected. Diabetics are also especially susceptible to developing blisters, skin growths, rashes and ring-shaped spots, reorts Everyday Health.

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