What Are Some Common Skeletal Diseases?


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Common skeletal diseases include deformities of the spinal curve, arthritis and bone cancer, as explained by IvyRose Holistic. Other diseases include gout, osteoporosis and rickets.

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Postural deformities include inward, lateral or sideways deviation of the spine. Treatment options for the deformities include the use of spinal braces or surgical correction. Arthritis causes joint inflammation. Osteoarthritis causes pain and restricts movement, while rheumatoid arthritis damages joints ligaments and may cause tendon rupture, notes IvyRose Holistic.

Bone cancer causes damage to stem cells. Gout may cause arthritis and chronic joint destruction. Osteoporosis causes brittle bones that are liable to fracture due to loss of bone tissue. Rickets causes bow legs in children who have inadequate vitamin C and calcium, explains IvyRose Holistic.

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