What Are the Common Signs of a Woman Going Into Heart Failure?


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The common signs of a woman going into heart failure include upper body pain, including the chest, shortness of breath, stomach pain and fatigue, according to WebMD. A nervous, cold sweat that is not associated with exercise is also a sign of a heart attack.

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Chest pain may indicate that a person is having a heart failure, but the symptoms in women and men vary, as stated by WebMD. Women may experience a squeezing pain in any part of their chest that makes them feel uncomfortable. A person should be careful not to confuse stomach pain that indicates a possible heart attack with one that causes heartburn, a stomach ulcer or flu.

Gradual or sudden pain in the jaw, arm, back or neck may be mistaken by patients who expect to have the pain in the chest or left arm, as explained by WebMD. The pain occurs unexpectedly and may cause the patient to wake up during sleep. Patients with unknown symptoms that occur in the upper part of their bodies should seek immediate medical attention.

Nausea or lightheadedness may also indicate that a woman's heart is failing, notes WebMD. This problem can make women feel tired in the chest or entire body.

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